Shadowhawk Aviation  |  Greenville, SC

We are located in the beautiful foothills of Greenville, South Carolina. Shadowhawk Aviation provides specialized, chartered helicopter flight services including Flight Tours, Aerial Photography, and Commercial and Residential Real Estate Events.

Charter helicopter flights - Greenville SC

Shadowhawk Aviation believes in providing services that represent our dedication to safety, convenience, and even comfort, as our aircraft are air-conditioned, allowing for an enjoyable flight experience.

Conveniently located by flight time:

  • 30 minutes  |  Asheville, North Carolina
  • 40 minutes  |  Charlotte, North Carolina
  • 65 minutes  |  Atlanta, Georgia
  • 30 minutes  |  Highlands, North Carolina
  • 90 minutes  |  Charleston, South Carolina
  • 45 minutes  |  Gatlinburg, Tennessee

In The News

Shadowhawk recently completed an unusual job with Clemson University. Clemson contacted Shadowhawk to assist in drying some grass parking lots. Read the full story

Videos of Shadowhawk working with Clemson University